Company History

Formed in 2015, TARGET PharmaSolutions was created as an outcome of the success of HCV-TARGET, a case study of the TARGET model in hepatitis C. HCV-TARGET was a partnership with academia, the FDA and industry established in 2011 by Dr. Michael Fried and Dr. David Nelson, which has enrolled 14,000+ patients across 60 sites in North America and Europe.

The evidence generated from HCV-TARGET has multiple applications, including being used by regulators to monitor post-marketing drug safety, by sponsors to support label expansion and to fulfill multiple post marketing commitments. In addition, it has helped inform national and international treatment guidelines, been used in payer dossiers, and has resulted in numerous high impact scientific presentations and publications.

To date, there have been a total of 9 manuscript publications and 28 abstract presentations of HCV-TARGET.

at a glance:

  • Located in Durham, NC
  • 9 Leading Pharmaceutical Company Partnerships¬†
  • 200+ Community & Academic Sites
  • 6 Disease Communities¬†
  • 40 Publications with 70+ Unique Authors
  • Key Opinion Leaders on Academic & Publication Steering Committees

Company Timeline


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Feb. 2015

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TARGET PharmaSolutions founded

July 2016

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Launched NASH community

Oct. 2016

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Launched PBC community

Jan. 2017

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Launched HCC community

July 2017

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Launched IBD community

Nov. 2017

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Executed CRADA with FDA

Jan. 2018

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Site expansion in Europe

Aug. 2018

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Launched HBV community

Oct. 2018

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Launched DERM community