About US

Located in Durham, NC, TARGET is a clinical data company that designs and sponsors turnkey real-world evidence communities of large patient cohorts for a particular disease in usual clinical practice. The data generated from these disease-specific cohorts provides regulatory-grade data and real-world insights to industry partners to inform high-quality solutions that are an integral part of the drug development regulatory life cycle.

Our key differentiators include: 



TARGET's method of data curation allows for a greater breadth of insight compared to other approaches. All medical records are retained and can be accessed in the future.


TARGET gives Patient Reported Outcomes access to partners and explores ways to better harness patient-reported information linked to longitudinal, observational data & biospecimens.


Publications are a key area of focus for TARGET, and there have been 31 various publications from TARGET to date.


As a TARGET partner, confidential data queries are offered for internal planning purposes, hypothesis generation and fulfillment of regulatory & payer requests.