TARGET-ASTHMA will capture important data on patients with asthma in the real world. This will not only aid in mapping the natural history of asthma but will also provide insights into the impact of different treatment paradigms on patient populations over time and collect real-world data as new agents are proceeding to market. Michael Wechsler, MD, MMSc

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract that affects over 25 million people in the United States alone, including 6 million children.  Patients with uncontrolled asthma contribute to high health care costs, often needing emergency department visits and hospitalizations. There is a corresponding true need for real-world, longitudinal data evaluating this disease.

TARGET-ASTHMA is the seventh disease community created by TARGET to generate disease specific, real-world data and evidence.  With meticulously-curated data, the TARGET-ASTHMA cohort provides Industry Partners with immediate access to real-world data which can be utilized to evaluate effectiveness and safety data for new drug approvals. This cohort includes a retrospective analysis of consented asthma patients seen within the last 3 years at TARGET sites and a follow-up duration of up to 10 years.

The TARGET-ASTHMA disease community, provides and innovative platform that can benefit Industry Partners in reducing the time and costs of conducting post-marketing surveillance, as well as answering critical real-world comparative safety/effectiveness questions or conducting pharmacology studies to determine targeted customers for future clinical trials. No matter the clinical trial phase, TARGET is here to help fulfill real-world evidence and drug development lifecycle needs.

study goals:

  • Explore the safety and effectiveness of all current and future therapies utilized in typical clinical practice across diverse populations
  • Analyze populations underrepresented in phase III clinical trials
  • Assess optimal duration, timing, sequence and combination of asthma therapies to achieve clinical response and remission
  • Understand bronchoscopy outcomes
  • Estimate adverse event frequency/severity and describe management practices
  • Evaluate outcomes related to enrollment and utilization of patient support programs (PSPs)


February 2020


enrollment goal:

Up to 10,000


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TARGET-asthma Steering Committee

Michael E. Wechsler, MD, MMSc (Chair)
Professor and Director of the Cohen Family Asthma Institute, Denver, CO

Monica Kraft, MD
Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine, Tucson, AZ