Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)


HCC is a major health problem worldwide and, although we have made progress in preventing it, treatment of HCC is just getting started. TARGET-HCC collects real world data on HCC treatment at academic sites, in clinical practice, through the US and in Europe. TARGET-HCC is an important tool for tracking our progress towards complete control of HCC. Adrian Di Bisceglie, MD

While there has been significant progress in hepatocellular carcinoma research, HCC continues to be the most common type of primary liver cancer thus creating a large need for real-world data and insights to appropriately battle the disease. 

TARGET’s turnkey solution gives partners the ability to rapidly and seamlessly activate new disease communities through longitudinal, observational real-world data registries. With established site relationships and a proven framework, TARGET generates quality data in a timely manner and delivers helpful disease insights to support partners’ real-world evidence efforts.

The TARGET-HCC study was created to collect real-world patient data to enhance the understandings of HCC's natural history and management in real-world settings, which in turn is provided to our partners to inform their drug development solutions.

TARGET-HCC has a robust biorepository that is linked to validated clinical outcomes, including patient reported outcome measures, which gives partners more comprehensive insights of the disease and ways to achieve improved clinical outcomes for patients.

study goals:

  • Understand the natural history and management of HCC, including the safety and outcomes of HCC treatment interventions utilized in usual clinical practice
  • Evaluate the impact of HCC treatment interventions and concomitant medications on co-morbid conditions and liver function
  • Evaluate patient-reported outcomes measured during the natural course and management of HCC


September 2016


enrollment goal:

Up to 5,000


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TARGET-HCC Steering Committee

Adrian Di Bisceglie, MD (Co-Chair)
Chief of Hepatology and University Liver Center Co-Director, St. Louis, MO

Anthony El-Khoueiry, MD (Co-Chair)
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Los Angeles, CA

Roniel Cabrera, MD, MS (Protocol Author)
Director & Associate Professor of Medicine, Gainesville, FL

Michael W. Fried, MD (Scientific Advisor)  
Professor of Medicine and UNC Liver Center Director, Chapel Hill, NC

David Nelson, MD (Scientific Advisor)
Senior VP of Health Affairs and UF Health President, Gainesville, FL

Bruno Sangro, MD 
Director of the Liver Unit and Professor of Internal Medicine, Navarra, Spain

R. Kate (Katie) Kelley, MD 
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, San Francisco, CA

Massimo Colombo, MD 
Director of the Center for Translational Research in Liver Disease, Rozzano, Italy

Tim Meyer, MD 
Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine, London, UK

Pippa Newell, MD
Clinical Research Scientist, Portland, OR

Amit Singal, MD
Director of the Liver Tumor Program and Clinical Chief of Hepatology, Dallas, TX