Immune-Mediated Inflammatory
Skin Conditions (DERM)


TARGET-DERM is a unique opportunity to better understand the natural history of atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases and to evaluate different treatment regimens, outcomes and adverse events across a large, diverse patient population. It is our hope that this research can better inform how these conditions are approached and ultimately improve the lives of the millions of people who suffer from them. Emma Guttman, MD, PhD

Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Skin Conditions (IMISCs), such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa, vitiligo, and alopecia areata, are skin diseases diagnosed worldwide that require substantial financial investment to develop research and appropriate treatments.

The TARGET Dermatology (TARGET-DERM) longitudinal, observational study was established to bridge this gap in IMISC research by creating a cooperative consortium of principal investigators from academic institutions and community-based sites treating patients with IMISCs. This partnership provides unique opportunities to engage networked physician teams in evidence-based IMISC therapy evaluations and involve these teams in conducting clinical research.

TARGET-DERM is a research registry of IMISC patients in real-world practices which will help assess the safety and effectiveness of current and future therapies. The study is disease-focused, not treatment-specific, allowing for a continuous acquisition of natural history and outcomes data. 

study goals:

  • Evaluate IMISC treatment regimens used in current clinical practice and examine initiation/uptake of newly approved medications
  • Evaluate patient outcomes and adverse events in clinical practice; predictors of therapeutic response
  • Examine populations under-represented in phase III clinical trials
  • Evaluate the relationship between IMISC and co-morbid medical conditions
  • Evaluate Patient Reported Outcome measures
  • Evaluate outcomes related to Patient Support Programs 


December 2018


enrollment goal:

Up to 15,000

TARGET-DERM Steering Committee

Emma Guttman, MD, PhD (Co-Chair)
Professor of Dermatology and Clinical Immunology, New York, NY

Diamant Thaci, MD (Co-Chair)
Professor & Head of Comprehensive Center for Inflammation Medicine, Luebeck, Germany

Eric Simpson, MD, MCR
Professor of Dermatology, Portland, OR

Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor of Dermatology, Washington, D.C.

Katrina Abuabara, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Dermatology, San Francisco, CA

Amy Paller, MD
Department of Dermatology Chair & Skin Disease Research Center Director, Chicago, IL

James Krueger, MD, PhD
D. Martin Carter Professor in Clinical Investigation, New York, NY

John Harris, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dermatology, Worcester, MA

Robert Bissonnette, MD
President of Innovaderm Research, Montreal, Canada

Lawrence Eichenfield, MD
Chief of Pediatric and Adolescent Dermatology, San Diego, CA